Our Mission

C.I.B.C.L is committed to producing the highest quality products using a combination of high quality imported ingredients along with the use of advanced modern technology equipment and the many years of experience from our Brew master guarantees our products are prepared with a blend that will cater for even the most selective palates.

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Our Products

We are a new Brewing Company in the country of Belize and we are engaged in the production of H20 Refreshing Drinking Water in 4 different sizes, Flavored Carbonated Beverages and Beers. Our products will be available for the local Belizean market and the Export market.

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Our Core Values

C.I.B.C.L is a company that has as its priority special care and concern for our Belizean People, our environment, and our country's economic growth. Being a new company we will be offering more jobs to our Belizean People in order for them to have a better quality of life. As part of our community and social programs, we are looking forward in the future to offer educational assistance to our students and community projects to enhance the lives of our Belizean families.

Environment protection is also a major concern for our company. Our focus is being environmentally friendly, by using advanced high-tech equipment and the latest technology to ensure environmentally-friendly and safe production, and efficiency. We have installed high-tech carbon dioxide (C02) recycling equipment and water recycling and treatment systems which exceed environment standards and improve economic efforts. Indeed, those advanced equipment increases cost but we think it is important for a sustainable and better environment.

In our country's economic growth, we are focusing on the Export market which will contribute significantly to our GDP will benefit our country's revenue.